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Scientific departments

Department of Economics and Social Systems and Information Technology. Chief Ph.D. Lyudmila Bazhan.
Scientific directions of the department:

  • creation of information and software solutions for large economic and social macro models of countries and regions;
  • creation of models and information technology systems for special purposes, including models and the functioning systems of transport various modes;
  • creation and development of systems for organizing data banks, expert systems and knowledge bases.

Department of Dialogue and Training Systems. Chief Dr Alla Manako.
Scientific directions of the department:

  • creation and implementation of computer training technology and tools for intellectualization of the dialogue.

Division of Automated Data Processing systems. Chief Ph.D. Leonid Zhitetsky.
Scientific directions of the department:

  • development of the theory of organization and dynamics of transmission systems and data processing, as well as the development, creation and implementation of automated transmission systems and data processing in the national economy and scientific research.

Thematic group: "Moving Object Processes Contro". Chief Dr Dmitry Lebedev.
Scientific directions of the department:

  • theoretical and applied researches concerning perspective moving objects processes control;
  • development and improvement of navigation and temporal control systems by moving objects;
  • developing of the necessary mathematical and information provision in solving of applied problems;
  • coordination of researches on moving objects control.

Thematic group: "Information technology and complex signal processing systems". Chief Dr Leonid Fainzillberg.

  • fundamental and applied research aimed at extracting localized diagnostic information from signals of various physical origin;
  • intelligent information technology for computer processing of complex shape signals;
  • inprovement and introduction of the innovative method of "phasegraphy" for analysis and interpretation of physiological signals in the phase space.

Department of Environmental digital systems. Chief Dr Igor Surovtsev.
Scientific directions of the department:

  • theoretical and applied research in the development and use of information resources;
  • development of methodical principles and means of intellectualization and integration of information systems with different subject orientation;
  • development of software tools and information complexes implementation of distributed intelligent systems.

Department of Pattern Recognition . Chief Ph.D. Viacheslav Matsello.
Scientific directions of the department:

  • theoretical researches on pattern recognition, development and creation of intelligent information technologies for recognition and image processing.

Department of Recognition and Synthesis of Sounds. Chief Ph.D Nikolai Sazhok.
Scientific directions of the department:

  • development of the theory and methods for analysis, pattern recognition, interpretation, synthesis and restoration of vocal signals;
  • development of principles for the tools creation of oral dialogue between a human and computer;
  • creation and implementation of the systems for pattern recognition, interpretation and synthesis of vocal images, oral dialogue as well as problem-oriented complexes on their basis;
  • coordination of research in recognition and synthesis of vocal images.

Department of Medical Information Systems. Chief Dr Alexander Kovalenko.
Scientific directions of the department:

  • development of the medical information systems theory;
  • mathematical modelling of a human being physiological systems;
  • study of organism’s adaptive responses to the environment natural factors;
  • development of problem-oriented information technologies and their approbation.

Department of Bioelectric Control and Medical Cybernetics. Chief PhD Maya Vovk.
Scientific directions of the department:

  • development of synthesis a general theory for biotech traffic control systems;
  • development of the technological foundations for the construction of medical knowledge databases;
  • creation and implementation of software and hardware training movements and advisory expert systems in neurology.

Department of Neural Network Technologies for Information Processing. Chief PhD Alexander Goltsev.
Scientific directions of the department:

  • theoretical and methodological foundations development of neural network information technologies intellectualization;
  • methods and tools developing of neural network information technologies practical use in the problems of pattern recognition and decision making;
  • development and implementation of intelligent systems of information processing using neural network information technologies.

Department of Mathematical and Technical Methods Application in Biology and Medicine. Chief Dr Vladimir Belov.
Scientific directions of the department:

  • development of theoretical and algorithmic methods for research principles and regularity of different levels of hierarchy biological and medical systems functioning;
  • research of the human operator work in control systems.

Department of System Information Technologies. Supervisor Ph.D Alexander Rodionov.
Scientific directions of the department:

  • research in the field of theory system information technologies and integrated automated systems;
  • theoretical and methodological foundations development of system information technologies intellectualization;
  • models, methods and tools of computer technology developing for elaboration and adoption of solutions for different levels and purposes information-analytical systems;
  • development and implementation of object-oriented information technologies system integration and intellectualization.

Thematic group: "Technologies of intelligent control for autonomous robotic systems". Head Olga Sukhoruchkina.

  • computer simulation of information processes for autonomous mobile robots intelligent control;
  • development of software components for mobile robots intelligent control systems;
  • development of information technologies for autonomous mobile robots intelligent control.

Department of Intelligent Information Technologies. Chief Dr Anatoly Anisimov.
Scientific directions of the department:

  • fundamental research in the general theory of information technologies intellectualization;
  • theoretical and applied research in the field of parallel programming and virtual software environments;
  • development of methods, models and software and technical means of information protection in computer systems and networks;
  • development of software tools for solving practical problems of information technologies intellectualization;
  • creation of models and devices that improve the quality of man-machine and robotic systems.
Thematic group: "Physics and Mathematics School". Head of Ph.D. Evgeny Perlov.

Department of Complex Researches of Information Technologies. Supervisor NASU corresponding-member Vladimir Gritsenko.
Scientific directions of the department:

  • comprehensive researches of information technologies;
  • methods and tools for information technologies optimization and modelling;
  • developing methods of problem-oriented and specialized information technologies;
  • creation tools for design of intelligent information technologies;
  • implementation into practice of the research results.
Thematic group: "Standardization of Information Technologies". Head Valentina Orlova.

Department of Human-Machine Systems. Yuri Shepetukha.
Scientific directions of the department:

  • basic and applied researches in the development of intelligent technologies control by complex ergatic systems under conflicts and uncertainty, in particular:
    • development of theoretical foundations and conceptual provisions for the ergatic systems organization and synthesis of control;
    • development of game theory and search for solutions under antagonistic environment;
    • development of methods to search for holistic solutions that have been agreed with the activity of the human operator to control;
    • development of methods for solving logical equations with many changeable parameters;
    • development of laws organizing graphical interfaces to control moving objects under conflicts and uncertainty;
    • development of conceptual frameworks for creating integrated cluster systems to control moving objects.

Department "Cyberphysical systems in management".Chief PhD Vladimir Mateus.
Scientific directions of the department:

  • development of the virtual systems theory on the example of production and manufacturing and technological systems;
  • development of mathematical models and methods of virtual systems with different functional areas operation;
  • creation of information tools and technologies to support business processes of virtual enterprises and their systems based on intellectuality strategy.

Department of Information Technologies of Inductive Modeling. Chief Dr Vladimir Stepashko.
Scientific directions of the department:

  • theoretical and applied researches in the field of complex processes and systems modelling based on the experimental data under uncertainty;
  • development of the theory and methods of multiply-dynamical systems structural analysis and synthesis;
  • development of relevant software and information technologies for interactive software systems solving applications;
  • coordination of researches on modelling under uncertainty.


In 2013 the 100th anniversary since the birth of academician Alexei Ivakhnenko (March 30, 1913 – October 16, 2007) has being celebrated. He is the founder of the inductive modeling scientific school as well as the author of the well-known method for group accounting of arguments (MGAA).
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On December 6, 2013 marks Nikolai Mikhailovich Amosov’s - 100th anniversary, who was an outstanding scientist in the field of medicine and cybernetics, the Hero of Socialist Labor, Laureate of Lenin and State Prizes, academician of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine and the National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS) of Ukraine.
(06.12.1913 - 12.12.2002).
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