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Postgraduate Study, Doctorate Study
The International Center operates postgraduate and doctorate studies in the following specialties.

Postgraduate Study:

01.05.02 - mathematical modeling and computational methods (technical sciences);
01.05.03 - mathematical software of computers and systems (technical sciences)
01.05.04 - system analysis and the theory of optimal solutions (technical sciences);
05.13.03 - systems and processes control (technical sciences);
05.13.06 - information technologies (technical sciences);
05.13.23 - systems and means of artificial intelligence and cybernetics (technical sciences);
05.13.09 - medical and biological Informatics and Cybernetics (technical sciences);
08.00.11 - mathematical methods, models and information technologies in the economy (economic sciences);
14.03.11 - medical and biological Informatics and Cybernetics (medical and biological sciences).

Tel. + 38 044 502 63 69.

Doctorate Study

05.13.06 - information technologies (technical sciences).

Tel. + 38 044 502 63 69.



In 2013 the 100th anniversary since the birth of academician Alexei Ivakhnenko (March 30, 1913 – October 16, 2007) has being celebrated. He is the founder of the inductive modeling scientific school as well as the author of the well-known method for group accounting of arguments (MGAA).
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On December 6, 2013 marks Nikolai Mikhailovich Amosov’s - 100th anniversary, who was an outstanding scientist in the field of medicine and cybernetics, the Hero of Socialist Labor, Laureate of Lenin and State Prizes, academician of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine and the National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS) of Ukraine.
(06.12.1913 - 12.12.2002).
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